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26/12/2020, 16:17
Cozy Christmas night with Thien Bao Dai Family. A count of reunions, sharing cozy and gathering moments of Christmas Eve 2020.


22/03/2021, 08:47
Chocolate confectionery are inherently nouns that are rarely attached to the adjective "nutrition". But when it comes to Biscotti - a famous Italian cake, food connoisseurs will praise a Biscotti that is nutritious, healthy and a fat-free snack.

IT Staff Recruitment Helpdesk

29/05/2020, 11:39
IT Helpdesk staff
- Basic salary 8,000,000 VND
- 1 year of experience
- 24-35 years old

Business recruiting

27/05/2020, 13:41

Thien Bao Confectionery Company recruits sales staff
- Basic salary: VND 8,000,000 and commission based on sales performance, total income up to VND 15-20 million/month.
- Qualification: Graduated from College/University.
- Age: from 22 to 35 years old.

7 Health Benefits Of Cocoa Nibs

18/05/2020, 11:53

I’ve got a golden ticket for you..and it’s not to a factory with a short, creepy, orange labor force and an indoor stream that’s the same color as the Hudson river.

This is a golden ticket to a healthy, nutrient dense and superior snack choice.

Mankinds love affair with chocolate goes back a long way, and not for the stuff I scramble to get at a gas station because I forgot it was valentines day….AGAIN.

Cacao nibs are are a great way to enjoy some healthy snacking while providing your body with a lot of nutrition

How to tell if a chocolate is real or fake?

18/05/2020, 11:49
Have you ever walked through the forbidden isle which you KNOW you shouldn’t even venture into because of the temptation that it presents itself with? The pretty wrappers with colorful designs, mouth-watering images of brown blocks of cocoa with a disclaimer, “Images are for illustration purposes only”, at the bottom that is too small to notice, and then there is the silver or gold lining of foil that serves as the last barrier to the treasure within. Ahh…you can already smell your gluttony gently floating you towards that enticing bar of chocolate on the shelf, only to find hundreds of others just like the one you had your eye on, and you become reduced to a state of indecisiveness as to which bar of gold you should bring home with you.
So, here are a few ways to tell a good bar of chocolate from a bad/fake one: